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Cloud is all about security and redundancy, flexibility and easy management, reducing the TCO of high-availability hosting for your business IT infrastructure, websites, applications, data storage and information systems.

Cloud Servers

Deploy Cloud servers in minutes, with a click of a button you can create and deploy new servers in no time. Create new instances or customize existing in minutes with an easy to use Cloud Control Panel providing you complete control including root access. Built with performance in mind, our Cloud platform uses the latest technology supplemented with latest CPUs and Enterprise HDDs or SSDs raided across the Cloud.

Choose from either Linux or Windows Cloud Server and a number of pre-configured "templates" and applications. We can create your own template for a specific cloud environment or you could use one of our standard templates like LAMP server, load balanced servers, OpenVPN, Magneto, CPanel, Zimbra mail and other.

Our Cloud Servers are both scalable and persistent. Our Cloud Platform can deliver a single on-demand cloud server or a multiple Cloud Server Solution in minutes.

Easy Management
Built from the ground-up our Cloud Control Panel (CCP) application provides you with speed and ease when creating your Cloud infrastructure. CCP enables you to control your single Cloud server or multiple Data Center Cloud server deployment with ease.

Security & Redundancy
Our Cloud platform is built with redundancy in mind. Redundancy is provided across multiple physical servers running your application, multiple network switches, mirrored and persistent storage. It also implements isolated Cloud network for enhanced security of your Cloud server.

Features & Benefits

High Availability with Maximum Uptime. The system monitors all servers in the cloud and will automatically initiate the failover process if there is a problem with hypervisor. Your cloud server will be restarted on a different, healthy hypervisor with minimal downtime.

Hands free auto-scaling available. Grow from single Cloud server to a full server farm at a click of a button. Ability to design your cloud infrastructure in such way that you can comfortable run your own virtual Data Centres if needed, including your own private virtual switches, gateways, firewalls, backups and more.

Complete server resources control using Cloud Control Panel. Easy management of single cloud server or multiple cloud servers in different Data Centres across the world.

Managed Cloud

Leaving day-to-day management to us allows you to accurately forecast your costs as the service comes with a fixed monthly fee, leaving you with more time to focus on your core business.

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Elastic Cloud

Our platform utilizes truly autoscaling technology which doesn't require reboots or downtime if your website suddenly requires additional resources at short notice. No downtime, no additional cost and no unexpected bills.

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